About Red Cat Journal

China is in the midst of one of the greatest economic transformations human history has ever recorded. And it all began in 1978, with the bold, courageous decision by Deng Xiao-Ping to introduce market reforms in “Communist” China. We can see how radical his reform program was by quoting a joke he used to tell to explain a long-standing hearing loss in one of his ears: “Marx sits up in heaven, and he is very powerful. He sees what we are doing, and he doesn’t like it. So he has punished me by making me deaf.”

At the Red Cat Journal, our mission is also a bold one:

  • Our one aim and singular focus is to deliver real and valuable insight into a changing China, with a special focus on the financial and economic spheres.

Our motto is another one of Deng Xiao-Ping’s sayings:

  • "It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white so long as it catches mice."

In our reporting and analysis, we hope to follow his lead. In doing so, we intend to stick to our core values:

  • We are non-ideological.
  • At all times, we endeavor to understand reality (things as they are), rather than follow illusions (what people think they are).
  • Our content aims to be, above all, useful.
  • Our content aims to be entertaining, where entertainment does not interfere with usefulness.

We live on feedback. If you believe we are not living up to our values or mission statement, or if you have any other feedback, please contact us at: customerservice@redcatjournal.com

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