February, 2008

China’s wind energy industry

While the Beijing Olympics is attracting a lot of attention to the state of pollution in China, many in the world are ignoring signs that China is taking the problem of environmental degradation very seriously.

Suzhou: get a taste of the life of a Chinese gentleman

The city of Suzhou lies in Jiangsu province, not far from Shanghai. The city has a long history and was designated the capital of the Wu state in 514 B.C. Later, the city benefited from the completion of the Grand Canal in the 5th century A.D. The Grand Canal connected the city of Hangzhou to Beijing and greatly facilitated transportation and trade within China.

Beneficiaries of looser Chinese monetary policy

Since early December, China’s official monetary policy stance has been “tight”, as described in this Red Cat Journal article on China’s monetary policy tightening.

Why Chinese is a difficult language to learn

Jim Rogers frequently mentions that he has hired a Chinese nanny to ensure his daughter grows up speaking fluent Chinese. Studies show that children stand a better chance reaching fluency in a foreign language than those who start learning a new language after reaching adulthood. Adults, starting from scratch to learn Chinese, face a number of difficulties.

China's winter storm vs. Hurricane Katrina

China now appears to be on the road to recovery after devastating winter storms hit large swaths of inland China, including areas that normally don't receive large amounts of snowfall. Given the parallels to the Hurricane Katrina crisis in the U.S., the Red Cat Journal thought it would be interesting to review some key comparisons between the two natural disasters:

Roast duck in Beijing

Roast duck is one of the most famous dishes in Beijing cuisine, itself one of the key regional cuisines of China. Most visitors to Beijing will be directed to one of the branches of Quan Ju De, a restaurant chain that was founded in 1864 and has served over 100 million roast ducks. George Bush, the senior, has eaten its famous food and the company is now listed on China’s stock market.

Chinese New Year and Red Packets

With the Chinese Year of the Rat coming up in a few days, we thought it would be a good idea to review one of the traditions of Chinese New Year: the Red Packet.