May, 2008

Where to donate for Sichuan earthquake disaster relief?

Large aftershocks have recently been experienced in Sichuan province, China, after the devastating initial 7.9 Richter scale earthquake. Hundreds of thousands have been injured and millions remain homeless, not to mention a rising death toll. China’s government has been making heroic efforts to ease the suffering of the local population.

China finally unveils telecom industry restructuring plan

China has finally unveiled key aspects of its restructuring plan for the domestic telecommunications industry. The Red Cat Journal highlighted the importance of the plan in a previous article on China’s telecom industry.

U.S. companies with China exposure difficult to find

Because of the difficulty many individual U.S. investors may find in buying stocks listed in China or Hong Kong of Chinese companies, some investors have tried to buy U.S. companies with revenue exposure in China instead. Many investors favor this strategy for the additional reasons that they believe U.S.

China luxury resort trend spreads to Shenzhen

Shenzhen, the closest mainland Chinese city to Hong Kong, is not known as a resort destination. Instead, Shenzhen built up a fast-growing economy on the back of industrial development financed initially by Hong Kong entrepreneurs seeking lower labor costs than in Hong Kong. As an early special economic zone, Shenzhen lead the way for industrialization in China.

Xinyi Glass: a play on auto and construction

This week, we look at an industrial company listed in Hong Kong: Xinyi Glass (0868.HK). While glass may not sound exciting, it is an indirect play on two industries that should continue to show high demand over the medium-term in China.

Chinese artists are shaking up music too

If you enjoyed the music in movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero, then you’ve been the beneficiary of the creative energies of Tan Dun. Tan Dun is a composer of avant-garde/classical music and uses his Chinese cultural heritage to add and alter the musical experience in surprising and refreshing ways.