China's philanthropists

A recent Asian edition of Forbes magazine highlights the growth of philanthropy in Asia and chose to recognize four givers in each of twelve Asian countries. In China, the four philanthropists chosen by Forbes include:

  • Chen Guang-Biao, head of Jiangsu Huangpu Investment, was chosen for being one of China's largest philanthropic contributors.
  • Jet Li, the martial arts movie star, was highlighted for his One Foundation, which helps raise money for mental health and disaster relief.
  • Shi Zheng-Rong, founder of Suntech Power, was written about in a feature article in Forbes for the construction of houses for the poor and donations to environmental causes.
  • Yang Hui-Yan, China's richest woman from a stake in real estate development given to her by her father, donated US$32 million, in conjunction with her father, to education and other causes.