A quick review of Hu Jin-Tao's thoughts for the country

China is set to begin its 17th National Congress next week in Beijing. This event occurs every 5 years and is key to gauging the future direction of the country as well as the front runners for future senior leadership. It is likely that some of current President Hu Jin-Tao's thoughts will be enshrined in the Chinese Communist Party Constitution. This constitution already contains thoughts from Hu's four predecessors: Mao Ze-Dong, Deng Xiao-Ping and Jiang Ze-Min. Now seems like an opportune time to review some of President Hu's key philosophies.

Key Slogans:

  • "people-first"
  • "new socialist countryside"
  • "innovation-oriented nation"
  • "conservation economy"
  • "building a harmonious world of enduring peace and common prosperity"
  • "mind emancipation"

In 2006, President Hu introduced his list of moral guidance for Chinese citizens in reaction to widespread discontent with the corruption of government officials:

The Eight Honors and Disgraces

  • Love the country, do it no harm.
  • Serve the people, never betray them.
  • Follow science, discard superstition.
  • Be diligent, not indolent.
  • Be united, help each other; make no gains at other's expense.
  • Be honest and trustworthy, do not sacrifice ethics for profit.
  • Be disciplined and law-abiding, not chaotic and lawless.
  • Live plainly, work hard, do not wallow in luxuries and pleasures.