World-class arts center at home of Genghis Kahn

The area around Ordos, in China’s northern province of Inner Mongolia, is currently known for its beautiful grasslands and the cashmere goats which produce such fine hair. That area is also known as the historical homeland of Genghis Kahn. The horsemanship and archery which his soldiers perfected in the grasslands later enabled Genghis Kahn to build an empire that stretched from the eastern shores of China proper to areas around modern day Vienna.

Now, an entrepreneur plans to build a world-class arts center in those same grasslands around Ordos. Cai Jiang became extremely wealthy from more down-to-earth investments in milk, coal and natural gas. However, he now plans to invest RMB 4.5 billion (around US$600 million) into an arts complex that will include museums, theatres, studios, offices, apartments and villas. Many of the structures will be designed by international architects. If he succeeds, he will have single handedly built a whole new economic web based in the arts for the region of Inner Mongolia.