Beijing’s new airport is impressive

The new Beijing Capital International Airport opened on March 26th and it is impressive. From outside, the airport evokes the buildings of the Forbidden City and a classic Chinese color scheme. Parts of the airport have large red columns with a yellow roof and other parts have the reverse. When inside the airport, however, the color is more subtle. The roof soars overhead with gentle curves and the bright red and yellow roofs are just visible through an intricate pattern of white structure. Inside, the airport is reminiscent of Hong Kong’s airport. The signage, floor materials, and large amounts of glass all recall Hong Kong. This is not surprising given the fact that both airports were designed by the same architect, Briton Norman Foster. Arrival and departure from the airport was smooth with none of the chaos reported with the opening of London Heathrow’s Terminal 5. Along with other striking architecture being built in Beijing, the airport solidifies Beijing as the home of a new wave of cutting-edge architecture.