China luxury resort trend spreads to Shenzhen

Shenzhen, the closest mainland Chinese city to Hong Kong, is not known as a resort destination. Instead, Shenzhen built up a fast-growing economy on the back of industrial development financed initially by Hong Kong entrepreneurs seeking lower labor costs than in Hong Kong. As an early special economic zone, Shenzhen lead the way for industrialization in China. As a result, the city has been known more for its factories and frenetic pace than as a place to unwind. More recently, residents and visitors of Hong Kong, including many Hong Kong housewives, have been visiting Shenzhen to partake of cheap massages and to go on shopping sprees, where goods are lower priced than in Hong Kong.

Now, however, at Dapeng Bay, where China’s coastline is at its most beautiful, the Sheraton has built a new destination resort hotel, the Sheraton Dameisha. In front of the hotel lies a fine powder beach and the hotel itself sports four pools and rooms with views of the bay. To learn more about the Sheraton Dameisha, visit This follows on the announcements of an Aman Resort and a Banyan Tree in China. It seems the luxury resort traveler will have only more and more options in China.