Gui Lin: where to go to understand Chinese paintings

In China, there is a saying: “Gui Lin’s scenery of mountains and water is the best under heaven”. Visitors to Gui Lin, no matter their home country, never cease to be amazed by the unique scenery. From the Red Cat Journal’s vantage point, Gui Lin is also a good place to better understand China’s art.

Gui Lin is located in the southern part of China. Visitors to Hong Kong will find Gui Lin a short one hour plane ride away. One could start off a trip there by spending some time in Gui Lin city itself visiting the many sights located in and around the city, including special hills, unique rock formations and caves with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites. The highlight of any trip, however, would be a boat ride down the Li River to the charming city of Yang Shuo, which takes several hours. The scenery along the Li River consists of towering karst peaks reflected in the river’s gently flowing water.

The whole effect is one of endlessly intriguing beauty, which brings us back to Chinese paintings. If you’ve never seen a place like Gui Lin, a Chinese landscape painting of Gui Lin will look unreal and highly stylized. After you’ve been to Gui Lin, you will think that a Chinese landscape painting of Gui Lin is as close as one could get to portraying Gui Lin in two dimensions using ink and a paint brush. To ensure that you will never look at a Chinese painting the same way again, visit Gui Lin.