Roast duck in Beijing

Roast duck is one of the most famous dishes in Beijing cuisine, itself one of the key regional cuisines of China. Most visitors to Beijing will be directed to one of the branches of Quan Ju De, a restaurant chain that was founded in 1864 and has served over 100 million roast ducks. George Bush, the senior, has eaten its famous food and the company is now listed on China’s stock market. If you eat at the main branch, you will even receive a numbered certificate identifying your duck.

However, a recent Wall Street Journal article, when reviewing a list of the top 10 restaurants in Asia, cited Da Dong Beijing restaurant, not Quan Ju De, as the place to go for roast duck in Beijing. The article highlights innovations such as the low-fat duck slice and the reintroduction of a variety of fillings to go with the duck and pancakes used to wrap duck slices when eaten.

To find out more about Da Dong restaurant or the other top restaurants in Asia, you can read this Wall Street Journal. A subscription may be necessary to access the article.