Shangri-La: paradise found, and now lost?

When James Hilton wrote the novel Lost Horizon, he probably didn’t know that he would an inspire an enterprising town to change its name to Shangri-La (the mythical ‘heaven on earth’ spot in Lost Horizon). The Chinese central government officially recognized the town of Zhongdian, Yunnan province in China as Shangri-La in 2001. Yunnan province, in southern China, has always been known as a beautiful region. It borders Tibet and is also home to another popular tourist city, Lijiang. The modern Shangri-La is near to both places.

The name change has done wonders for the town’s entrepreneurs but whether the town represents paradise found or a paradise lost remains open to question. An article in the Christian Science Monitor by Peter Ford describes changes, some not so good, to the town since it embarked on its new mission to develop the ‘Shangri-La’s tourist brand’.

Follow this link to read the article: "It's paradise lost as tourists flock to Shangri-La".