Why are pizzas so good in Beijing?

If you are hankering for Western food in Beijing, it is hard to go wrong with a pizza at the nearest Pizza Hut or Papa John’s. In fact, pizzas in Beijing are not just good, they’re delicious. Of course, in a country where average GDP/capita is around US$2,000 per year, a US$10-15 meal isn’t cheap. So, customers expect good food at pizza restaurants. We believe there’s more to the story than that, however. Northern Chinese cuisine includes a lot of items which live or die on well-made dough. These include buns, ‘pancakes’, dumplings and forms of Chinese ‘bread’. As a result, Northern Chinese chefs have a long history with making fresh dough. This expertise has clearly carried over into the making of pizza dough. As a result, visitors to Northern China, in general and not just in Beijing, will find ordering pizza a delight.